Ferrari 458 GT3
€ 198,000.00 (Gross)
I want to sell my Ferrari 458 GT3 ex Sport Garage (french team in blancpain endurance). You can find the technical informations under this text. If you want more information about the car, you can send me an email, or contact me by phone.

Chassis 3296 70038km

Engine 3350km (potential 15000km)

Exhaust manifold 2750km (potential 10000km)

Box (pinions, dogs, bearings, tapered torque, actuator of box and its sensor, potentiometer) 2750km (potential 15000km)

Starter 2750km (potential 10000km)

Transmissions 2750km (potential 10000km)

Master cylinder of brake and clutch 2750km (potential 20000km)

Rackmount 0km

Following an accident in July 2013, the bodyschell was changed, and suddenly it has 50 000 Kms.

In the price of the ad, there are 0 spare parts. On the other hand, it is possible to have a kit with:
- 8 wheels
- 4 Hubs
- 2 Gimbals
- 1 clutch
- Electronic parts

Price: 25000€

If you have more question, ask me.
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